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Our Expertise

At River Road Creative, we are communications experts. From developing concepts and implementing strategies to fulfilling writing, graphic design, translation and publication requirements, we have delivered hundreds of international, national and regional projects on time and within budget.

We have the strong leadership, teamwork and collaborative skills necessary for bringing together multi-partner interests to achieve common goals and outcomes.

Environmental Conservation

  • Two decades working with multi-sector partnerships to develop communications products, initiatives and events for the environmental conservation sectors – habitat (wetlands and associated uplands, and grasslands, riparian), wildlife (migratory birds and butterflies)
  • Well connected and respected within the environmental and conservation sectors across Canada and internationally
  • Strong track record of building and leading international, national and regional projects and events, delivering results on time and within budget
  • Skilled at translating complex scientific information into plain language

Sustainable Development

  • Five years working with federal government and private sector clients to create products with messaging that conveys the environmental and financial benefits of sustainable business practices
  • Excellent understanding of federal and international sustainable development strategies, policies, programs and initiatives
  • Delivering products, such as Green Meeting Guidelines, Paperless Office Policies and Water Conservation Initiatives, that help to transform outdated business operations into modern and sustainable alternatives
  • Creating sustainable development strategies, including messages to key audiences, that align with corporate and governmental goals of benefitting the environment, mitigating climate change, improving employee performance and saving money

Our clients

Our clients
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